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Manufacturer Chanel
Model Ivory Dress
Price $60.00

Product details

This dress will look great on any event. The dress is made of medium length with long sleeves. Its highlight is a leather belt, which gently envelops the waist, highlighting its symmetry and, in general, the fragility of the silhouette. At the same time, it sits perfectly on a figure. Full skirt gives the model a certain playfulness. For the convenience of the dressing on the board has a hidden zipper. By such a dress can not be indifferent to pass! Product Length 93cm. 103cm.

Origin Rome, Italy
Composition Silk
Exterior Color Ivory
Weight 150
Dimensions(cm) 93x103
Certified by expert No
Phone +40 123123123
Email address janedoe@email.co.uk
Website www.example.com

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Paris, France


Demo User
What a nice dress
Írta: Demo User 2016-12-10 20:48:33 | Értékelés:

So charming, attractive, fluffy. The same as in the photo. Good quality and great looks!

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