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Manufacturer Executive Chair
Model Mid Century Modern Arm Chair
Price $675.00

Product details

A complimentary match to our Executive Daybed Sofa, this cleanly tailored chair is the perfect solution for a small home, apartment, den or office. Handmade from solid alder wood stained in rich walnut, this handsomely tailored chair will match almost any decor. With such timeless design, high-quality materials and hand-crafted construction, we consider all of our furniture to be investment pieces that will last a lifetime.

Origin New York, USA
Composition wood and leather
Exterior Color Sky Blue
Weight 10kg
Dimensions(cm) 120x90x60
Certified by expert
Phone +40 123123123
Email address bluesofa@example.com
Website www.bluesofa-example.com

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New Viaduct St, Manchester, Manchester M11 3HB, UK


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